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  • who we are

    Canada Certified RV & Trailer Service Ltd. is a Fully Certified Recreation Vehicle & Trailer service and repair Shop which has the knowledge and experience to tackle any repair, no matter how small or big on any make and model of Recreation Vehicle or trailer. Canada Certified RV & Trailer Service Ltd. has the reputation of doing it right the first time. Most RV Dealers only service what they sell and find it a hindrance to work on other manufacturer's RV’s however Canada Certified RV & Trailer Service Ltd. is filling that gap by not turning down any manufacturer’s RV or Trailer repairs.
  • Our Commitment

    Over the past years James Stocks a ( Red seal Interprovincial Certified Recreation Vehicle Technician) has the reputation, expertise, and knowledge that has developed numerous quality relationships in the RV and Trailer industry with major RV manufacturers, RV Dealers, RV parts manufactures, Insurance companies, appraisers, suppliers, other Inter Provincial Certified RV Technicians and hundreds of long term and new RV owners with in western Canada. His doing it right the first time and Making it safe attitude has been the referral of the best, honest repairs, upgrades, service, and maintenance in the Recreation Vehicle and Trailer Industry.
  • Our Privacy Policy

    We are deeply committed to ensuring you feel safe and comfortable with not only our work but our relationship as well. All of our transactions and commutation’s on our website or our storefront are not sold or shared with anyone else for the purposes of Corporate gain. Whether its your name, email address or finical information we strive to protect you, our greatest asset. The information we do collect on our contact form is to allow you to share your story of what you need help with and contact information to reach out to you...its that simple.
  • Our Offerings

    The business offers RV and Trailer upgrades in parts, structural rebuilds, paint, custom add-ons, Canada Certified RV & Trailer Service Ltd is the Full Service Cummins Onan Power Gen Service Center with referrals coming from Cummins Onan themselves in the area, Atwood mobile products, Dometic, Norcold, and Suburban Manufacturing Service center.
  • We stand by our work

    We service all makes and models of Recreational Vehicles. We Provide a 90 day Warranty on ALL RV Repairs and Service!

We take the journey with you

  • We care for your investment

    Recreational vehicles (RVs) and motor homes are hefty machines that require consistent care to ensure your pricey investment is properly protected. Because RVs and motor homes are unique as they encompass most of the amenities found in traditional homes, they also come with all the maintenance and repair issues you face with your family car. Here at, Canada Certified RV & Trailer Service Ltd. we are fully aware of the extra work that comes with RV and motor-home maintenance and repair. RV and motor-home maintenance can be easy to overlook, however maintenance should never be sacrificed or neglected. service Department is able to handle all repairs from basic maintenance to minor fender-benders to major structural damage (insurance or private). With the Doing I right the first time and our Customer and their families safety in mind at all times. We are committed to making your RV maintenance or repair service experience as affordable, fast and efficient as possible.
  • You can trust us

    You can trust us to take care of the following:
    * Winterization * Summerization * Hitch and Braking System Installation * Roof Sealing and Leak Repair * Axle and Bearing Repair * Other specialized services * Diagnostic and repair of all gas, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural systems * Inspections of sealant, brakes, and tires * Independent pre-purchase inspection before purchase from another dealer or private seller * Repair work on the structure, body, slide out, walls, floor and roof of your RV * Appliance diagnostic and repair * Installation and repair of satellite systems, TVs, appliances, solar panels, inverters, struts, stabilizing systems and generators * Aluminium, fiberglass and filon repair * Water system diagnostic, repair and testing * Propane system Testing and repair and making sure its up to code Canadian CSA Z240 RV Compliance

Why Certification matters?

  • Do not attempt this yourself

    I make frequent reference to this declaration;
    “Do not attempt this yourself.
    Only allow certified or master certified RV service technicians to work on your ____________ (fill in the blank).”
    Whereby I’m simply implying that certain tasks should be left to the professionals. There are some procedures, processes and practices that even the most experienced RV owners should not attempt. In most cases, it is in regard to the need of specialty equipment or high-dollar diagnostic test devices or support literature, (schematic wiring diagrams and product service bulletins for instance), which I’m sure most RV owners would not possess. In other instances, it is because specific training is required since some tasks are a challenge even for veteran service techs until hands-on practice or repetition breeds continued success.
  • Fail Safe?

    Am I stating that certified or master certified RV service technicians are perfect because they are certified? That they will be able to diagnose and repair your RV and get you back on the road in the fastest amount of time, job complete, without fail, every time? Absolutely not! But I can tell you this…. You stand a much better chance knowing that a given technician has completed some form of training and has passed a rigorous exam, or worked his/her way through five specialty areas (successfully passing six different exams) to obtain RV Industry certification, and has continually earned forty recertification points every five years. More so, at least, than the guy over at Joe Blow’s RV Service Shop, who hung out his shingle because he once owned a folding camping trailer! (My apologies to anyone owning a real business called Joe Blow’s RV Service Shop!). But I sincerely hope you get my point.
  • Its your job to ask

    The first question I encourage RVers to ask when forced to stop at unfamiliar repair shops or dealerships during their travels is,
    “Do you have any master certified technicians working here?”
    The odds are in your favor, always, by taking your recreational investment to a certified technician for professional troubleshooting and repair!
  • Its a joint role and commitment to you!

    RV Industry technician certification is a joint effort developed, supported and endorsed by RVIA, the RV Industry Association (a trade group representing over 90% of all RV manufacturers) and RVDA, the RV Dealers Association (representing a nationwide network of selling dealerships). Both associations have committed to developing ongoing service technician training programs and are the only agencies authorized to “certify” technicians.